Cobra XRS 9970G Speech Alert 15 Band Radar Detector Insight

The Cobra XRS 9970G Voice Alert 15 Band Radar Detector is among the new generation associated with GPS equipped radar detectors that not simply do a congrats of warning but additionally warns driver concerning the presence of reddish colored light and velocity cameras. The GPS functionality is employed by the Aura Database that it detector uses to check on the location associated with fixed cameras.

This database can be updated daily in order that it has the many locations of cameras and buying the Cobra entitles you to a lifetime subscription to the database which gets the updates uploaded for the manufacturer’s website. The detector it isn't just easy to install and learn it but additionally has a unique touch screen control interface, simple icons to show off all the functions.

1. Day-to-day Updated Aura Repository Of Cameras Along with Traps

The Cobra radar detector utilizes the Aura database containing details of just about all fixed traffic light cameras along with the fixed speed cameras in operation. This database which can be updated daily makes sure that driver is always conscious of where all your threats are and able to take the proper evasive or corrective activity in good occasion. New and local threats may also be manually added to the detector ensuring improved performance with time.

2. Unique Touchscreen Display And Controls

Unlike the conventional LED displays, the Cobra features a state of the art touchscreen 1. 5 inch display that allows the person to scroll as a result of and activate various functions with relieve and reliability. This display is operated using a stylus, a pen or with all the fingers. It also provides five different colors display which might be adjusted to both match or identify the display from other vehicle’s dashboard signals.


The Cobra XRS 9970G Voice Alert 15 Band Radar Detector is packed full of features that make it the most effective radar detector for today’s roads including:

  • GPS Based technological innovation that uses your AURA database associated with red light in addition to speed cameras.
  • To be able to manually add more threats to the database manually.
  • The Highway mode that detects and minimizes false alarms.
  • One of a kind and user-friendly touchscreen display.
  • Five different user-adjustable display methods.
  • A power alternative that shuts down the detector once the engine is disconnect.

Insight Reviews with Trust

This kind of radar detector provides received 180 purchaser reviews stands several 4. 0 out associated with 5. 0 stars with 98 of these being 5 beyond 5 stars though 41 users offered it a several stars rating. The normal rating is a substantial 4 out associated with 5 stars. Many users commented on what quickly the system locks on radars in addition to lasers and signals the driver. The touchscreen has additionally been quite popular with a few of the users. The detector can also be ranked highly internet marketing good value.


There are a few complaints concerning the unit. Some of your fixed cameras are not as part of the database despite their particular having been there for a while now. However the option that allows your driver to manually add these new threats handles this problem for many users. There can also be the issue in the touchscreen needing the driver to check the display as soon as changing settings. It means that the driver has for taking his eyes over road to read the screen which is often dangerous, especially in high speeds.


With the modern and state-of-the-art use of the advanced NAVIGATION technology, the Cobra XRS 9970G Voice Alert 15 Band Radar Detector is among the most advanced detectors currently available with the data source of radars in addition to signals automatically updating for being the most comfort advanced feature. The elimination in the largest number associated with false alarms as well as a user friendly method of notifying which usually features lie onward and the usability make this unit one the very best and most popular models out there. Come on in addition to grab one for the safety!

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