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Product Launch Tokushu Hayabusa Hand protection

The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves really are a scientific discovery that outperforms all the boxing gloves in the marketplace. With state on the art features along with exclusive inner composites, the particular Tokushu
glove series is Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves unlike everything ever created. Via exclusively engineered leather vylar for freakish performance and longevity to unique Ecta activated-carbonized bamboo lining for optimum comfort; these gloves are suitable for both amateur along with professional fighters. Tokushu glove series is caused by a complete commitment to research and equipment functionality.

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How The Item Performed

Most folks who have bought along with used these boxing baseball gloves have generally recently been impressed by their comfort, design, durability and effectiveness. These gloves thrust the threshold regarding combat equipment functionality and injury avoidance. Features such as Fusion wrist breaking and dual-X closure systems offer fantastic support, thus preventing wrist injury particularly in individuals with weak wrists. These boxing gloves are made of materials that have allowed these to provide quality shows. The materials usually are durable and won’t breakdown and degrade around the knuckles and thumb. These gloves have obtained a 4. 7 star rating beyond 5.

Elements That comprise Products

1. Delta SUCH AS Inner Core Technologies For Ultimate Security

Wearing the drastically wrong boxing glove could cause injuries such as sprained tendons, torn muscles and ligaments, as well as broken bones. Because of poor support, your wrists can certainly absorb unnecessary quantity of shock that can lead to injury. For this specific reason, Hayabusa Tokushu gloves feature cutting edge Delta EG inner core technology which guarantees maximum impression protection. During their development, these best boxing gloves were put through numerous impact tests to discover their impact amount of resistance levels. The final results were remarkable. Utilizing a force transducer striking device, scientists demonstrated this core material manipulates impression energy thus allowing fighters to recuperate from strikes more quickly.

Simply stated, most of these gloves don’t lower, they recover via strikes instantly, thus users are constantly protected. Moreover, padding on most of these gloves has obviously been crafted to provide maximum support without having sacrificing the exactness and power in your punches. Not only usually are these gloves meant to provide superior protection, but they will also be sleek and lightweight allowing for lightning rapid punches. If you desire to protect your hands at all times to be able to get the most through your training sessions, Hayabusu Tokushu boxing gloves is the way to go.

2. Dual-X Closure & Fusion Splinting

By the mere fact you are training means a person a perfect puncher. Throwing a negative punch with the hand and wrist beyond alignment can result in wrist injury. And for that reason, Tokushu Gloves have a very patented and advanced glove design that besides keeps you protected on the highest degree doable, but also maximizes your punching strength.

The Duel-X wrist closure and Fusion-Zone Splinting systems allow you to adjust the gloves to build optimal ergonomic alignment of your hand and wrist. Without proper position, you can lose a tremendous amount of energy in your punches and also incur wrist injuries.

3. Vylar

Furthermore, these gloves have a very new high functionality engineered leather material known as Vylar. Whereas leather is a superb boxing-glove material, serious testing in constant hardcore training along with repeated fight problems demonstrated that Tokushu Hand protection with Vylar substance outperform leather. In the long run, tests for versatility, surface abrasion, crack and tear resistance got clear Vylar designed leather was the only choice for resilient and comfort baseball gloves.

One other outstanding feature would be the mesh lining on the inside palm region of Tokushu baseball gloves. Instead of leather with breathing holes, a large section is replaced along with mesh, allowing pertaining to greater breathability. This is particularly great for many who find their fingers getting stuffy within regular gloves.

4. Ecta

The Hayabusa Tokushu baseball gloves also feature Ecta, a patented-carbonized bamboo lining to provide revolutionary heat rules properties for appropriate heat distribution. In this way, your hands stay dryer for for a longer time, preventing slippage along with misfiring of punches. Moreover, Ecta has powerful anti-fungal along with deodorizing effects pertaining to decreased stink. Most individuals work tremendously while boxing as well as the damp-environment within many ordinary gloves makes it possible for fungus to thrive. This simply isn’t true with the Tokushu baseball gloves. Ecta lining is designed to offer a higher level of comfort and fit.

Pros In the Product

  • Unparalleled Ecta activated-carbonized bamboo lining for final comfort, powerful deodorizing results, and heat regulatory properties. Unique mixture of materials in the particular liner allows glove to normally dry out faster than typical gloves.
  • Removes electricity leaks for final punching power.
  • This kind of glove’s design can be backed by many research and advancement.
  • These gloves usually are fully-resistant to exterior abrasion, cracks as well as tears.
  • These baseball gloves feature vylar designed leather, which is confirmed to be better than typical gloves through University research.
  • Fusion-Zone Wrist Splinting along with Dual-X Wrist Near designs protect the wrist and give great support for individuals with weak wrists.
  • These gloves provide cutting edge protection.
  • Tokushu gloves are extremely lightweight.
  • These baseball gloves offer outstanding wrist support.
  • Construction to the gloves is top-notch. The stitches are all in place as well as the general feel on the product is one amongst quality.

Customer Reviews

The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves are actually reviewed by 90 customers on Amazon. Most reviewers usually are particularly impressed simply by their design, comfort and ease and wrist support. Hence, the gloves have obtained a massive 5. 7 star rating beyond a possible 5 tar standing. This rating just proves these are generally quality gloves.


These gloves never have received many complaints because most of the people have approved all of them as quality gloves make use of. However, some customers have complained the gloves are a lttle bit tight. They are not ones that can be put on and removed quickly. The same clients also however note that the gloves get safer to wear as you continue with them.


Hayabusa designed most of these gloves with every fighter planned. They crammed easy to use features into a compressed and lightweight handwear cover series that ensure comfort and benefit. Moreover, these gloves are actually subjected to countless stress tests to make sure ultimate protection via wrist injury. For someone along with weak wrists along with good stamina these gloves enables you keep you in your feet training for hours on end. The break within period for most of these gloves is minimal and maybe they are designed well enough for being good for every person from people fresh to boxing to boxing specialists.

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